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This ridiculosly XXL candle jar is a massive 1400ml of beautiful soy wax and colour.

A beautiful centerpiece for any decor, once jar is empty just was out any wax residue and upcycle to a glorious vase. Fantastic wedding gift, birthday or just a treat for yourself.

External Dimensions: 105mmØ (top) x 155mmH // approx. 145mmØ (widest point)
Inner Dimensions: 100mmØ (top) x 140mmH

3 wick cotton

You can choose to have just 1 fragrance or have as many fragrances you like with either just the wax colour or different wax colours added. the choice is yours.


please allow up to 2 weeks or less depending on order for making this candle and to allow the extra time for curing. if you dont want to wait for the curing process let me know and i can post in a few days.



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